While GOP Blames Biden for Afghan Collapse, Instead of Blaming the Afghan Army, LaPierre Harbors Suspect in San Antonio Shooting

While most Republicans in Congress were bemoaning the inevitable collapse of the Afghan government to the Taliban today, and blaming President Biden for the reluctance of the Afghan military to protect their own country, McConnell, McCarthy and Co. ignored the most recent mass shooting, this time in San Antonio, where, at the appropriately named Boom Boom Sports Bar, three people were killed, with the suspect at large (https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/15/us/san-antonio-bar-shooting/index.html).


Always on the ready, associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman, who is our Chief Investigative Reporter, was on the scene. She was accompanied by Colorado’s most persistent foe of the NRA, associate solitary reporter Elizabeth Montgomery.


It took the two super-sleuths only a few seconds to figure out that the suspect had teleported himself to Wayne LaPierre’s office in Arlington, Virginia. ASR Montgomery photographed LaPierre and the suspect in a fond embrace.


“I always support the Proud Boys and their allies at the NRA for making it possible to have as many mass shootings as possible,” LaPierre said.