How Bill Cosby Teleported Himself to Rumsfeld's Bedside in Taos As Rummy Died

Bill Cosby walked today from a prison in Pennsylvania.


Rummy (twice Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld) died today at his his home in Taos. He was 88.


Cosby, who used to be “America’s Dad,” teleported himself to Rummy’s bedside seconds before Rummy died. Our DC-based associate solitary reporter, Keith Coleman, was with Cosby, whispering into his ear what not to do the first time he looked at an attractive woman.


As was scrupulously reported today by NPR, Rummy, the Architect of the Lie that was the justification for the Iraq War, as well as being the Architect of the forever war in Afghanistan, was arrogant and hated the press.


As Cosby kissed Rummy on his nose earlier today, he whispered, “Hey Rummy, you coulda done what I did! How come you never?”