Far-Right Anti-Government Militant Ammon Bundy Is Running for Governor of Idaho

Idaho is a big state just south of Canada.
The last Democrat to govern Idaho was Cecil Andrus, and because he was a Westerner, he was Secretary of the Interior under President Carter, where he did much good for the environment.
The current Gov of our thirty-third State is Brad Little. He’s a Republican, and it’s Republicans who run Idaho.
As every state has its own unique characteristics, a few of us here at AP, including associate solitary reporter Lewis Thompson III, prefer to refer to Idaho by a name originated by Thompson himself: “Idy-hoe,” which affirms Idaho as a state well known for the fact that most men in Idaho, and no doubt many women as well, drive trucks with a gun rack on them.
Associate solitary reporter Eddie Cook, the wannabe Chair of the Denver Republican Party (which has only 102 members), tells us that Gov. Little is in the mix to run for re-election. It will be a crowded primary. But Thompson is well aware that Ammon Bundy, a devout Mormon, has announced that he’s in the mix in the Republican Party primary for 2022 ((https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/20/politics/ammon-bundy-idaho-gubernatorial-bid/index.html).
Ammon is an anti-government militant just like his father, Cliven Bundy, the originator of the armed Bundy Standoff in Nevada in 2014.
Cliven Bundy refused to pay grazing fees to the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management. Cliven’s ranch in Nevada is adjacent to Bureau of Land Management land that Cliven uses to graze his cattle. 
So both Bundies are hard-right extremists who, according to both Thompson and Cook, believe that the federal government should pretty much disappear and that the states should run everything. 
It was Ammon Bundy who organized the notorious occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge south of Burns, Oregon, in 2016.
Like Donald Trump, Ammon Bundy thinks that it is his God-given right to go into a courthouse or a State Capitol (in his case, in Idyhoe), without a mask.That’s gotten Ammon Bundy into trouble, for trespass, and he’s proud of that.
ASR Cook is a strident supporter of Ammon Bundy. He promises to keep us informed about Everything Idaho, especially Ammon Bundy’s attempt to make it through the very crowded GOP gubernatorial primary in 2022.