U S Catholic Bishops Vote to Deny Communion to President Biden Over Reproductive Rights

The Roman Catholic Church is well known for its strict emphasis on Doctrine.


Yesterday, the U S Conference of Catholic Bishops voted to move forward with a strong statement to the effect that any public official who sides with women in their right to make their own reproductive decisions should be denied Communion, which is the most sacred of all rituals in the Catholic Church.


President Biden is our second Catholic President, and he fully supports women’s reproductive rights.


The American Bishops have yet to draft their precise language, but the final vote will be taken in early November, yet another obvious slap at Biden, right before the midterms.


This required us to bring in yet another associate solitary reporter, Thomas Kincaid, a lifelong Catholic and a Denver superlawyer who frequently criticizes Catholic triumphalism. Kincaid is one of the most prominent members of Cure d’Ars Catholic Church, a predominantly African American parish.


As soon as he learned about the decision of the U S Catholic bishops, he called Christophe Louis Yves Georges Pierre, a French Catholic prelate and diplomat who is the Apostolic Nuncio, or Ambassador, of the Holy City, to the United States.


Vatican City is an independent nation in Rome.


Nuncio Pierre’s English is actually better than his French, and this is what he told Kincaid:


“Thomas,” he began, “I just spoke with Pope Francis about this, and he told me that if the American bishops issue such a statement, he will immediately veto it, especially since those same bishops said nothing about Donald Trump’s numerous infidelities."