Justice Barrett Rules Against Her Own Party on the ACA; Texas Guv on His/Trump's Great Wall

The Lone Star State was one of two State plaintiffs in the most recent GOP-sponsored effort to nix the Affordable Care Act.


(By the way, there is no doubt whatsoever in our collective minds here at AP that President Nixon would have endorsed the ACA. After all, it was Tricky Dick who oversaw the passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency — big big government at a glance.)


When newbie SCOTUS Justice Amy Coney Barrett was grilled with hard balls and soft balls during her Senate confirmation as the third of Donald Trump’s nominees to the Supreme Court of the Land, she skillfully dodged questions as to how she would rule on ACA Repeal. 


But yesterday she was in the 7-2 majority. Justice Alito and Justice Kavanaugh dissented, for all the wrong reasons, as our Chief Judicial Correspondent, newly minted associate solitary reporter Melanie Meadows, confirmed in a text we just received from her at Apocryphal Press World Headquarters.


Our Chief Investigative Reporter, associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman, tells us that the so-called Establishment Branch of the GOP will run Alito against Trump in 2024, only that will cost Alito dearly because nobody, that is, nobody, in Trump ’s base, will support him.


And when Trump gets back in the White House, Justice Alito will need much more personal protection than the U S Marshal’s Service can provide.


Back to Texas. Gov. Greg Abbott insists that Texas voters will never forgive him if he doesns’t complete Trump’s Wall. As explained on NPR this morning, Abbott says that Texas is being invaded by Brown people (though the guv would never capitalize that word) and that therefore he is raising money for his state to do what only Los Federales are allowed to do. All this when Texas landowners immediately North of the Border want nothing to do with Abbott’s highly polarizing proposal.


All this explains why associate solitary reporter Pam Malinowski, the Mayor of Lubbock, teleported herself to Austin at five o’clock this morning as rock star actor Matthew McConaughey announced that he’s running against Abbott next year. 


Even the often-vilified Ted Cruz, who misrepresents Texas in the Senate, knows that McConaughy might very well win (https://www.politico.com/news/2021/06/17/cruz-mcconaughey-texas-governor-495009). 


But for her extreme violation of Trumpism/Abbotism, Malinoski is now incarcerated in one of Texas’ highest security prisons, in Huntsville, where they specialize in executions.


Malinowski just texted us saying she’d like to move to Colorado, where a very sensible Democratic-dominated legislature abolished the death penalty under the leadership of Gov. Jared Polis, a lifelong Democrat.