Trump and Stormy Daniels Appear Before Manhattan Grand Jury

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. has in progress a massive criminal investigation into the financial misdealings of Donald Trump. Part of his investigation includes hush money payments, made by Trump’s then fixer, Michael Cohen, in 2016 to buy silence from porn star Stormy Daniels, who says she had a sexual liaison with Trump.


DA Vance is pursuing his investigation through a grand jury.


So we asked our Chief Investigative Reporter, associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman, to observe, most secretly, a scenario where Trump and Daniels appear together before the grand jury.


Under a total news blackout, Daniels described to the grand jurors every salacious detail about her sexual encounter with Trump. No detail escaped her attention, as the prosecutors made extensive notes in preparation for their own tell-all books.


Trump sat through Daniels’ testimony with an unrelentingly stone cold expression, but when Daniels offered him the opportunity to meet privately in her hotel room, he readily accepted. Daniels smirked at Melania as she and Trump entered the hotel.