Read All About It! Here's Donald Trump's Idea of Reparations; Plus, What a Federal Judge Did to California's Assault Weapons Ban

Today in Greenville, North Carolina, Donald Trump got on a stage and continued to do what he’s been doing ever since June 2015, when he rode down his gold-plated escalator at his Manhattan Tower with trophy wife number three.


Greenville is the County Seat of Pitt County, in the Tarheel State. What a fitting name for a county seat where Trump threw red meat to his deplorables, because there are sincere voters who would have liked to have seen Trump at the bottom of a pit during the election last year.


Cuttting to the chase, in Greenville today, he lied (he’s really good at that) to his Tarheel State audience, and, most likely, to plenty of Trumpites who came from other states, ‘cause that’s their idea of entertainment.


He said the election was stolen from him.


He said votes by dead people were counted.


He trashed Native Americans for exercising their right to vote.


He mocked Dr. Anthony Fauci, whom Democrats had thought about running for President, only Joe Biden got there first (see also 


Not only that, he demanded that China pay reparations for causing Covid-19 (


Reparations really should be paid to the descendants of Africans who arrived on our shores in chains. But of course Trump’s base won’t hear of that.


As associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones (who lives, most unhappily, we have to acknowledge, in a tent on the grounds of Mar-a-Lago) watched at today’s rally, Trump celebrated the ruling by a federal judge in Southern California which declared unconstitutional California’s more than thirty-year ban on assault weapons. You can read all about that activist judge’s ruling in today’s Times, article by Mike Ives: “Federal Judge Overturns California’s 32-Year Assault Weapons Ban: The judge said the ban was a ‘failed experiment.’”


Colorado’s leading gun control advocate, associate solitary reporter Ellen McConaughey, said at a protest this afternoon on the west steps of the Colorado State Capitol, “That judge has no idea what he’s done. He probably should be impeached.”