In Which We Explain in Excruciating Detail Why Donald Trump's Hand-Picked Postmaster General is Being Investigated for Corruption

Bernie Sanders nailed it when he said that Donald Trump was the most corrupt man ever to sit in the peoples’ White House behind the Resolute Desk.


He tapped his close personal friend Louis DeJoy to be Postmaster General. The USPS is virtually bankrupt, having been challenged very successfully by UPS, AirBorne Express, FedEx, and so forth.


The Postmaster General reports to an independent Board of Directors, and President Biden has nominated three people, who are very likely to be confirmed, to sit on that board, and when that happens, we here at AP look forward to DeJoy’s dismissal.


Now Attorney General Merrick Garland — remember him?— the man nominated by President Obama to succeed hard-right ideologue Antonin Scalia on SCOTUS, only Moscow Mitch wouldn’t even grant him a hearing before the Senate’s Judiciary Committee — anyway, General Garland is investigating DeJoy for corruption (


So we sent our DC-based associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman to find out why DeJoy’s being investigated.


“That’s easy, SR," Coleman texted us. “Just look at who put DeJoy in there.”