In Tulsa, Trump Slugs Biden

One hundred years ago yesterday and today, white people, supported by local authorities, destroyed the Greenwood area of Tulsa and killed some 300 Black residents of that prosperous Black enclave.


President Biden was there today and acknowledged it as a massacre. First time an American president has done that, long overdue.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was with Donald Trump as he teleported himself to the Greenwood area.


As soon as Trump spotted Biden, he grabbed all the camera attention and slugged Biden on his left cheek.


“I stand one hundred percent with the White folks who carried out that little piece of justified police action,” Trump yelled.


“Though Joe hasn’s yet called for reparations, I am sure that his black allies in the Democrat Party will demand that he do so, just like Robert Turner, the hypocritical black pastor of Mount Vernon AME church, does every day when he protests outside the Mayor's office.” Trump was referring to


"Those White folks in Tulsa did exactly what I woulda done, except I would’ve been right there with them, using my billy club to crack their skulls open to subdue that irresponsible and riotous black mob.”