A Complete Explanation About Why President Biden Is Not in Jerusalem

President Biden is focused on his challenging interactions with China’s dictator for life, Xi Jingpin, so when the decades-old conflict between Israel and the Palestinians erupts, it’s a distraction that he has to deal with.


UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres did the right thing by cautioning that a Real War could erupt between Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu and Hamas’ Khaled Mashal. See https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/12/middleeast/israel-palestine-violence-intl-hnk/index.html


Seems that Colonial Pipeline Company is slowly getting desperately needed petroleum products flowing through its system after being hacked by Vladimir Putin’s secret hacker network, after industry leaders succeeded in preventing federal regulators from requiring pipeline companies to have in place effective rules to prevent hacking catasrophes such as the ones recently perpetrated by Putin’s henchmen.


Donald Trump, the man who never leaves his Twitter feed, immediately let his millions of rabid followers know that it doesn’t bother him a bit that Colonial Pipelines deliberately chose to use a name — Colonial —  that symbolizes decades of oppression against underprivileged communities. See https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/12/business/colonial-pipeline-restart/index.html.


“That’s all part of my Make America Great Again ideology,” he told associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones.


When Jones reminded Trump that oil is more valuable than gold to petroleum companies, and that Mideast tensions prevent any possibility of peace in the Mideast, he yelled at her, saying that, like Liz Cheney, she is a horrible woman who is only out to make a name for herself by slamming him whenever she has the opportunity, .


And all this only two days after Eid, the Muslim celebration which ends Ramadan, when the faithful can break their lengthy fasts.