Georgia's Republican Governor Tells Atlanta Braves' Owner, John Malone, to Move His Team to Puerto Rico Over MLB's Flip of All Star Game to Colorado

Georgia, a red state, recently betook itself to passing legislation explicity designed to make it nearly impossible for Black people to vote, after Stacey Abrams and the Democratic National Committee, on January 5, elected its first Black U S Senator and its first Jewish Senator, both Democrats. That made New York’s Chuck Schumer the Senate Majority Leader, deposing his longtime rival, Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell, to Minority Leader.
Didn’t take long after the Republican-controlled legislature in Georgia to pass legislation, raucously signed by its Republican governor, Brian Kemp, for Major League Baseball to move its bigtime moneymaker, the All Star Game, previously scheduled for Atlanta, to Denver.
Delta Airlines, based in Atlanta, strongly criticized the Georgia GOP, which is beholden to Donald Trump. Ditto Coca Cola.
Kemp faces re-election next year, so, to save his own butt, he needs to continue his public adoration of Trump.
Yesterday, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewed Colorado’s jubilant Governor, Democrat Jared Polis, who proudly announced that situating the All Star Game in Colorado will result in millions of dollars being spent in Colorado by baseball fans, who are likely to extend their stay in the Centennial State to enjoy Colorado’s priceless scenery (Georgia has a tourist attraction called Stone Mountain Park, which is far, far inferior to Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park).
Our DC-based associate solitary reporter, Keith Coleman, stormed into Kemp’s office at the very moment that Kemp was yelling on his cell phone at John Malone, the billionaire owner of Liberty Media, parent company of. the Atlanta Braves baseball team (three-time World Series champion).
Coleman immediately heard governor Kemp saying, “John, your p____-a__ team is part of Major League Baseball, and as an owner, you’re part of all that, so you need to tell MLB’s Rob Manfred that the stupdest thing he ever did was to move his All Star Game out of Atlanta, where I am in charge of everything in this peachy white cream state, to the Mile High City, where Democrats control just about everything.”
“So John, I’m cutting straight to the chase. Georgia doesn’t want to have anything to to with your p_____a__ team. Starting tomorrow, pack your bags for San Juan. In Puerto Rico, just see how much money you can make in a territory where they don’t even speak English.”
Our Denver-based associate solitary reporter, Lewis Thompson III, smiled as he read what Colorado Politics’ Joey Bunch (the funniest political reporter in Colorado) said about the All Star game moving to Colorado: “Denver’s good luck was Georgia’s bad, a product of the balls and strikes of politics: the Big Lie, fake news, woke corporations and election integrity.”