Trump's Lawyer Sidney Powell Is Surely Headed for Disbarment, But the GOP May Run Her for Colorado Secretary of State

The Trumpless GOP left a Trumplegacy of falsehoods.


As in, when your client lies all the time, as Donald Trump did several times a day, then, if you are an attorney representing Trump, you ape your client.


Enter loudmouth prevaricator Sidney Powell, one of Trump’s lawyers. She’s been sued for defamation by Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems for her baseless claims that Dominion rigged the election in Joe Biden’s favor. Totally false.


Powell’s also under attack in federal court in Michigan, where lawyers are asking a federal judge to disbar her; and her lawyers in those two cases are openly contradicting each other (


Your solitary reporter did a funder for Colorado’s outstanding Secretary of State, 35-year old Jena Griswold, in 2018.


There is buzz in Republican circles that the GOP may run

Sidney Powell — who has roots in the Centennial State — against Griswold next year.


Which is why all loyal Democrats should promptly chip in to Griswold’s re-election campaign: