Colorado Republican Group Says Marxist Democrats Are Exploiting the Boulder Shooting

As Colorado Politics’ Marianne Goodland concisely said yesterday, a venomous group called the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado, a pro-gun advocacy group, now claims that Marxists and other “collectivists” (such as Democrats advocating for sensible gun control) are pushing an anti-gun agenda.


The RLCC follows the typical Republican playbook: smear, lie, smear, lie. In the past, it has been led by Sue Moore of Englewood; Moore is a former chair of the Denver Republican Party. 


All this, of course, following the massacre at a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, on Monday (see also the Times’ "Boulder’s Pain Is Deepened by a Lost Fight for Gun Control,"


And in the Senate, the Centennial State’s Senior Senator, Democrat Michael Bennet, a former 2020 presidential candidate, made a passionate speech on the floor of Senate Majoriaty Leader Chuck Schumer’s Senate, demanding that Mitch McConnell’s Conference man up and support meangingful gun control legislation. 


Associate solitary reporter Emily McCarthy, one of the many very articulate and persuasive advocates with Ceasefire Colorado, a gun control group, is, by nature, a pessimist, which is why she expects that McConnell won’t allow any man or woman in his Conference to support meaningful gun control measures already passed in the House.


Our Denver-based associate solitary reporter, Lewis Thompson III, spoke, moments ago, with the Secretary of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado, a woman with the improbable name of Jecca Geffre.


As usual, Thompson cut straight to the chase.


“Jecca, a heckova weird name you got there -- are you going to run against my Colorado political hero, Governor Jared Polis, in 2022?"


“Of course! We’re the Conscience of the Republican Party. Now get the hell out of here before I grab my AR-15."