In His Best Speech Ever, President Biden Denounces US Catholic Bishops Who Tell Their Flocks to Avoid the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Working as an extraordinarily talented team, associate solitary reporter Sylvania Juguete, who is with President Biden 24/7, and our DC-based Top Dem operative, associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman, have been working, virtually of course, for several weeks now on the stirring speech delivered earlier this evening by our 46th President. They wrote it and the President delivered it from the White House.
Biden’s strong and robust speech had no BS in it. He made promises which will be kept, but only if all Americans who have yet to be vaccinated (some of whom have resisted The Vaccines) get the necessary jabs.
Juguete and Coleman watched the President’s speech remotely, Juguete from the West Wing, and Coleman from DNC headquarters, where he lives.
They were the only journalists who noticed the President’s emphatic condemnation, during his 21-minute Address to a Grateful Nation, of the pseudopastoral promptings of Bishop Jose Horacio Gomez, the president of the U S Conference of Catholic Bishops, who, together with his 300 colleagues (read: employees) has been urging all Roman Catholics in the United States to decline receipt of the urgently needed Johnson & Johnson one-shot vaccine because J&J developed that vaccine from abortion-derived cell lines (
Coleman and Juguete also noticed that at the President’s side was Dr. Anthony Fauci. Dr. Fauci is a proud graduate of the Jesuit Regis High School in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and from there he went to the (also) Jesuit College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, on a pre-med track. He received his MD in 1966.
Pope Francis is a Jesuit who, at least as of press time to our knowledge here at AP, has yet to weigh in on whether his world-wide flock should avoid the J & J Vacc.
Though a Catholic in his youth, Dr. Fauci, a world-renowned scientist, considers himself to be a Humanist (, a theological orientation shared by all 54 of our Corps of associate solitary reporters, especially our Chief International Correspondent, associate soslitary reporter Larry Theis, himself a dedicated Roman Catholic and world-renowned superlawyer.
Associate solitary reporter Lewis Thompson III, the Denver-based Moderator of the Unitarian Universalist Association, is eagerly looking forward to Tuesday’s Denver visit by Vice President Kamala Devi Harris and First Gentleman Doug Emhoff, as they and Biden and Biden’s Cabinet (excluding Neera Tanden, who couldn’t make it past rogue Democrat Joe Manchin), as Biden & Friends fan out across this vast land to convince all possible doubters about The Vaccines that it’s high time to roll up their sleeves, erase all doubts about the urgent need to get vaccinated, and then go about their lives.
Emhoff just texted ASR Thompson and requested him, and only him, to introduce him and his wife to Denver, virtually of course.