In Which Associate Solitary Reporter Anthony Spearman Explains What's Wrong With Texas' ERCOT

Texas is an unusual State.


Used to be part of Spanish Mexico, then it made itself into a republic, then in 1845 it joined itself to the rest of this here country. 


There’s a reason why it’s called The Lone Star State: ‘cause the governing authorities there, most of whom are Republicans, don’t like the federal government, which is why their electric grid is essentially just for Texans: that way, the feds have no authority to tell Texas what to do.


Only in the past few days, during an unusually cold and destructive winter storm, the Grid that’s just for Texans didn’t work.


This started a blame game, ‘cause it seems as though in politics, whenever something goes wrong, those in authority blame anybody other than themselves (sounds like Donald Trump, right?) (


The group that runs Texas’ All On Its Own Electric Grid bears the unlikely title of ERCOT, or the Electric Reliability Council of Texas; only, as it turned out, there’s not much reliability with ERCOT.


So associate solitary reporter Anthony Spearman, Houston’s best photographer and a staunch Democrat, always and forever, called GOP Gov. Greg Abbott and told him that if he doesn’t fix ERCOT quick quick, he’ll immeidately arrange for Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg to move to Texas and never leave.


It’s also worth noting that after Texas’ own Tea Party senator, Ted Cruz, deserted his own State during its time of utmost need, and flew off to Cancun, nobody, as in nobody, among his forty-nine Republican colleagues in the Senate, stood up for him.