Why Texas Gov Greg Abbott Has Become a Democrat

There are two hundred fifty four counties in Texas, and there ain’t hardly no electric in any of those.


The Lone Star State is a powerhouse of energy, especially petroleum and natural gas. A few modest, but totally necessary, efforts have been made to promote wind and solar.


Texas has two Republican senators, John Cornyn, who is part of Mitch McConnell’s leadership team, and Ted Cruz, a superTrumpite and a Tea Party idol who is very proud (though with absolutely no justification) of his facial hair.


Both, of course, voted with McConnell in the Second Impeachment Trial.


Because of a severe winter storm which is evident throughout most of this country, and because the Texas Grid flunked, governor Greg Abbott has been on TV recently: https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/17/politics/what-matters-february-17/index.html.


Most Texans are not happy. 


So we sent associate solitary reporters Priscilla Malinowski, a native of Lubbock in far west Texas, and Anthony Spearman, a longtime resident of the state’s biggest city (Houston), to talk with Abbott.


“Guys,” the Republican chief exec said, “everything that went wrong with our Texas-style grid is solely and completely Joe Biden’s fault.”


Spearman, an expert photographer, caught Abbott in an exquisite smile.


Malinowski and Spearman then debated with Abbott for three hours, after which Abbott gave up to their overwhelming arguments and went on CNN to announce that he’s changed his registration to Democratic.


“I could never have done that,” Abbott told CNN’s Brianna Kiellor, “if Rush Limbaugh were still alive.”