Today's Complete Report on Day Four Emphasizes Dem Rising Star Joe Neguse, Nikki Haley, and Trump's Most Hypocritical Lawyer Yet


On Day Four of the Second Trial of the Century, there sat Donald Trump, in exile at his posh posh private club on an island in south Florida, as he ceaselessly watched the House Impeachment Managers, especially Colorado's 35 year old Eritrean American Congressman Joe Neguse, a brilliant lawyer, demolish Trump’s lawyers, especially Michael van der Veen, for grossly distorting what our Inciter-in-Chief said on the Ellipse on January 6 before he sent his thugs, the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys, to the Capitol to commit mayhem, especially against his very own Number 2, Mike Pence, who, together with his family, barely escaped serious harm while the seditionists were preparing to hang him because he wouldn’t carry out Trump’s demand that he overturn the supposedly ceremonial count of the votes cast by the Electoral College.


Lawyer van der Veen had, within the last two years, sued Trump himself over his failure adequately to fund the Postal Service — the very government agency that Trump falsely blames for his election loss ( How interesting, then, that Trump himself picked van der Veen to tell his lies for him today, in the well of what used to be the world’s most prestigious deliberative body.


During this evening’s news programs on PBS, we heard a very articulate Republican political strategist, former GOP Republican Congressional staffer John Hart, now with the "Conservation Coalition for Climate Solutions," say that the House Managers had actually underplayed their hand by not emphasizing enough how Trump had brought shame on the GOP by seeking to destroy the Symbol of our representative democracy on January 6.


Much more significantly, Trump’s former Ambassador to the UN, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who is clearly laying the groundwork for her own presidential campaigtn in 2024, told Politico today that her former boss should be permanently exiled and never allowed to run for any office of public trust ever again.


So Haley and Hart represent the Republican Party that Trump rolled over, while senator Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) and youngish Missouri so-called GOP senator Josh Hawley, who both want to be president, represent the Trumpian wing of the party — as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, is caught in the middle, because he’s the party leader who said publicly that the riotous, conspiracy-laden mob were persuaded by his very own Inciter-in-Chief to storm the Capitol

with a lie — just as Congressman Neguse so cogently explained.


So we sent our very best investigative reporter, associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman, to talk with Haley about her very articulate take-down of her former boss.


"You see, Susanna,” Haley began, “Donald Trump has always been a RINO, a Republican In Name Only. He's always been for himself only. That’s why when I run for president against Joe Biden in 2024, I’m gonna recapture my Party, and I’ve already made arrangements for Trump to stay in permanent exile on his own lonely island, because I’ll be lobbying all the wavering Republican senators all night long, tonight, so we can get to 50 Democrats and 17 Republicans tomorrow, and then it’s bye bye Donnie, and Melania, I know, will be immediately flying back to Slovenia.”


“Trump’s in exile on his island right now, and he’ll remain in exile there until he overeats and then we’ll see how his ancient body holds up."


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was with Trump as he watched Congressman Neguse’s several brilliant appearances on national TV. When Jones told him that Neguse’s parents are immigrants from war-torn Eritrea, Trump yelled, “That explains everything, Johanna, Eritrea is one of those ____hole countries in Africa.”