Colorado's Gun-Toting Congresswoman to Challenge Democrat Michael Bennet for U S Senate

Michael Bennet is a Democrat and a U S Senator from Colorado who is up for re-election next year.
Surprisingly, Republican Congressman Ken Buck, also the Chair of the Colorado Republican Party, announced today that he will not be challenging Bennet. Buck lost to Bennet way back in 2010, by a slim margin.
This looksd like a free pass for Bennet, but then associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith, our Chief Congressional Correspondent, just told us that Lauren Boebert, the Republican who represents Colorado’s Western Slope, has decided that her time is now.
Boebert is a QAnon sympathizer who gained instant notoriety both before and after the January 6 Insurrection by insisting on packing heat in the Capitol.
She is a fervent Trumpista. 
Just before press time, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, embedded (but not in bed with) with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, told us that Trump has endorsed Boebert to run against Bennet.
Which means that Boebert will lose, and will lose her House seat, so that Democrats can claim it in 2022.