The NRA's LaPierre Flees to the Refuge of Texas, Joined by Colorado's Wacky Boebert

Today, the National Rifle Administration filed for bankruptcy in New York, the State where it was founded in 1871. 


The Empire State is a blue state, which means that gun “rights” organizations are not favored there.


The NRA’s been morally bankrupt for years, and, as reported by Judy Woodruff on this evening’s PBS NewsHour, as well as by the Times, there are allegations that some $64 million dollars have been siphoned off from the NRA into the private pockets of leaders of the organization.


So it came as no real surprise to us here at AP that the NRA is looking forward to relocating in a red state where guns are favored: Texas.


Our Chief Investigative Reporter, associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman, asked the Lone Star State’s governor, Republican Greg Abbott, why Texas is the ideal place for the NRA’s leader, gunslinger and longtime lobbyist Wayne LaPierre.


“That’s easy, Susanna,” Abbott began. “Think about the Texas so vividly portrayed by such classics as Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove. Think about our brave Ted Cruz, who is so effective in conveying Mr. Trump’s message of defiance. I’m so thrilled to have Wayne and his guntoting buddies here in my very own state.”


No sooner had Abbott spoken than Colorado’s superguntoting Congresswoman from western Colorado, Lauren Boebert, best known for her role supporting insurrectionists at our Capitol on January 6, burst out in ecstasy that her close personal friend and hardcore Trump supporter, LaPierre, would be moving to Texas. “Now Texas won’t just be the Lone Star State,” the 34 year old owner of The Shooters’ Grill in Rifle, Colorado; we can now call Texas the Refuge for Gun Lovers State."


But in Denver, a leading gun safety leader, associate solitary reporter Ellen Morton, said that Texas should go back to its beginnings as an independent republic. “Let them be isolated, we in Denver want nothing to do with them."