Why Trump Is Now Being Held at The Hague at the United Nation's Detention Unit at the International Court of Justice

Ever since Donald Trump lost bigtime to Joe Biden on November 3, pundits, especially all our extraordinarily dedicated associate solitary reporters (even including Trump’s biggest Denver fan, associate solitary reporter Eddie Cook, the Chair of the Denver Republican Party) have been wondering whether Trump would show up for Biden’s inauguration.


This, after Trump, for weeks and weeks, stretching into months and months, has been inciting his deplorable base to march on the United States Capitol to protest his loss to Biden in an election that was conducted fair and square.


After Trump’s rabid seditionists broke into the Capitol yesterday, leaving four insurrectionists dead, the answer has suddenly become clear.


Many of the rioters came directly from Trump’s “Save America Rally” that began only a short time earlier on the Ellipse, a park near the White House. Trump spoke to his deplorables for more than an hour, insisting, once again, without any evidence whatsoever, that the election had been stolen from him — which it clearly had not been.


Everybody knew that he would never, ever concede the election, meaning there would be none of the traditional ritual where the incoming President is greeted at the White House by the guy about to leave, with wives, followed by the traditional worship service at St. John’s Episcopal Church close by Lafayette Park (better known these days as the Place of the Photo-op where Trump held a Bible after he had the Park cleared of protesters, with tear gas). 


The U S Capitol Police was poorly prepared for the onslaught, requiring the Governors of Virginia and Maryland to send in units of their National Guards, to clear the Capitol, so that Mike Pence could state, early this morning, that Biden will be our next President.


A woman protester was shot and killed by Capitol Police inside the Capitol, and three others are dead — none of them from The Virus that Trump has paid zero attention to.


So we here at AP, along with many others, have been assuming all along that he’ll vacate the White House on January 19 and go directly to Mar-a-Lago; or, since he has too many golf courses in Scotland, maybe to his Trump Turnberry Resort there, only Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has already nixed that.


As Biden and Kamala Harris take their oaths at noon on January 20, Trump will be in the Hague, involuntarily. 


When soon to be Vice President Kamala Harris was campaigning for President, and before she withdrew, she clearly said, on the stump, when asked whether Trump should be impeached and convicted, “There is a criminal in the White House.”


When riots have occurred in other nations (such as Venezuela, as just one example) during the course of political protests, leaders of the United States, including Members of Congress, routinely hector oppressive leaders of other nations for being worse than authoritarian.


Our Chief International Correspondent, Larry Theis, is fluent in many languages, including Dutch.


Following yesterday’s insurrection at our Capitol, egged on by Trump, the International Court of Justice, with Theis in attendance, along with the Court’s Chief Prosecutor, associate solitary reporter Thomas Kincaid, convened in an emergency session and swiftly indicted Trump for more crimes than we have room to mention here.


At the urging of many Members of Congress, including the Dean of Colorado’s Congressional delegation, Diana DeGette, Trump was arrested yesterday by the Special Operations Team of the International Court of Justice.


Because Theis is so multilingual, he had easy access to the Warden at the United Nations Detention Unit, at the Hague, where highly unsavory individuals, including the late Slobodan Milosevic, have beeh held. 


Theis greeted Trump casually. 


“Hey Donny Boy, how’s hangin”?”


Trump’s response to Theis cannot be printed in this family-friendly newspaper.