How Could This Be? Trump Signed the Bill He Hated

Donald Trump understands very little about anything.


Having had no previous experience in military leadership, and not having been elected to any public office, he swaggered into the White House on January 20, 2017, and immediately began trying (unsuccessfully) to rule by Twitter, lies, and race-baiting.


His own Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, negotiated a deal for Coronavirus relief, and Congress passed the thing, and then, at the last moment, he blasted the bill, wanted to blow it up (just like Anthony Quinn Warner in Nashville), then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said fine, $2,000 a person, we Dems will vote for that.


So the bill was specially flown way down south to southern Florida, home of Trump’s pleasure palace, obviously at taxpayers’ expense, and he signed the damn thing.


Trump pretends to be a Republican, but he’s only a Trumpian.


Pennsylvania’s junior Senator, Republican Pat Toomey (who used to be president of the right-wing Club for Growth) said it best: even if a boor sits in the White House behind the Resolute Desk, that doesn’t mean very much:


It was safe for Senator Toomey to say that because he’s honored his previous pledge not to seek another term after his present term ends in January 2023.


Other Republican senators weren’t courageous enough to tell Trump what a damn fool he is — as our Chief Congressional correspondent, associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith, knows all too well.