Golf-Playing Trump On How to Defeat a Pandemic; More Details on Nashville Explosion

Trumpism will definitely continue long, long after January 20 (


That’s even assuming that Mike Pence does his constitutional duty (to an extent at least, he surely doesn’t want to) on January 6, a day after both Democratic Senatorial Candidates in Georgia win the confidences of the overwhelming majority of sensible Independents, Democrats, and a hard-core cadre of Republicans (members all of the Anti-Trump Lincoln Project who have finally decided that Donald Trump is a RINO (Republican In Name Only)).


Associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith is a close observer of everything that goes on in Congress, and she will be in the House Chamber on January 6, camping illegally overnight, starting on January 3. The lady don’t need much sleep.


Smith is a close personal friend of former Denver Mayor and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, who easily defeated Republican senator Cory Gardner on November 3.


By whatever means necessary, “Hick," according to the dimunitive Smith, managed to secure a special permit for her to sleep overnight beneath his desk on the floor of what used to be called the world’s most deliberative body, but that was before senator No (Mitch McConnell) showed up.


Trump has nothing better to do than to continue to lambaste the results of the election that he lost, which is why he has commanded Pence, on pain of excommunication from the Fake Republican Faith if he doesn’t announce on January 6 that Trump gets to keep the job that he has totally bungled for the last four years.


“I am always loyal to my Lord and King, Donald Trump,” Pence told Smith today on the Apocryphal News Channel. “I will never deviate from that, because as a True Evangelical, I know that the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, is Lord of Lords, and in His Wisdom, Jesus the Christ has ordained Donald Trump to carry out His Will." 


According to associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, Trump watched Pence’s interview by Smith with great interest.


Pence referred, during that interview, to NPR’s report of today,, in which Jason Slotkin reported truthfully on Trump’s failure to sign critical legislation dealing with Covid-19 relief, just as jobless benefits for millions of Americans expired yesterday; but Pence untruthfully challenged everything that Slotkin wrote.


“My Lord and King, King Donald, is the ever-living god of what used to be called democracy,” Pence gleefully said, as Trump, watching Pence’s interview, signified his approval by commanding Melania to bow down before him.


Trump told his Chief of Staff, former North Carolina Tea Party enthusiast Mark Meadows, to make sure that on January 20, 2021, that the crowds watching Trump’s Second Inauguration consist only of white people, especially rabid white women such as newly-elected Trumpite Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert from Colorado’s Third Congressional District. Boebert is 34, has four children, and owns the Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado. Boebert never saw a gun or a weapon of mass destruction that she didn’t like.


Although Boebert has said that she’d like to sit on the Energy and Commerce Committee — if only to torment the Dean of Colorado’s Congressional delegation, Democrat Diana DeGette, who does sit on that Committee — Boebert told Smith that she also insists on serving on the powerful Rules Committee, “because I’ve already broken all the rules of decent behavior that the Democrats keep telling us we have to adhere to.”


Boebert, one of numerous House Republicans who have not gone to college, conspicuously violated Colorado Governor Jared Polis’ Statewide Mandates designed to prevent the spread of Covid-19, at her Shooters Restaurant in Rifle, by allowing anyone who went into her restaurant to go in there without a mask. “Freedom means everything to me,” she told Smith.


“The only rules I believe in,” Boebert told Smith, “are the rules that allow me to carry a gun wherever and whenever I want to.”


“The only thing that Democrats should do,” Boebert continued, “is to change their minds about assault weapons and do what I tell them to do.”


In other news that didn’t happen, the NRA’s top gunslinger, Wayne LaPierre (a strong supporter of Boebert) praised Nashville’s Anthony Quinn Warner, who filled his RV with explosives in the middle of Downtown, then blew himself up.


Our top-rated associate solitary reporter Ashley McGonnigle, based in Nashville, just texted us to tell us that LaPierre is on his way to Warner’s funeral, to give the eulogy.