At His Pleasure Palace in Mar-a-Lago, Trump Tells Associate Solitary Reporter Johanna Jones About His Plans to Veto the Covid Relief Bill

Donald Trump has always been self-absorbed and solipsistic, and he’s been AWOL on the critical legislation hammered out by Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.


The Covid relief bill is more than 5,000 pages long, and it’s tied directly to the government funding bill.


Trump doesn’t read, he just watches Fox & Friends, and he’s paid essentially no attention to legislation or anything else since November 3, as he continues on his relentless and futile attempt to overturn the election that he lost to Joe Biden by a wide margin, both in the popular vote and in the outmoded Electoral College.


But now Trump has blasted the Covid Relief Bill, calling it a disgrace, saying he wants every financially needy American to receive $5,000 instead of $300, at the same time as his measly Republican friends in Congress insist that the payments be limited, and, not only that, they refused to provide for critically needed funding for states and municipalities.


On Monday, we speculated as to whether Trump would prefer to have himself teleported, at taxpayer expense of course, to either Jupiter or Saturn, as opposed to going to his opulent private resort in southern Florida (


As of press time it is unknown whether Trump will veto the thing, so we have associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones at the ready, as always, to give us full details.


Jones is camping illegally on the grounds of Mar-a-Lago, where Trump will remain for quite possibly forever.


He’s threatened to veto the legislation that he played no part in crafting.


As Jones performed a tai chai maneuver closely resembling a forward thrust in the direction of the part of his immense body closely associated with his libido, Trump backed away, especially after Jones yelled at him, “Donny Boy, you’re a total loser and a total disgrace to the human race.”

That’s why, sprawling on the ground after being shoved there by the petite former Miss Universe contestant, Trump, in agony, said he’ll veto the legislation and will definitely try to do a Grover Cleveland in 2024.