Why It Makes No Sense for Biden to Meet Trump Before January 20

Donald Trump does not like Joe Biden.


But Biden, unlike Trump, is a true Christian gentlemen.


Only a few days after this year’s election, Trump was supposed to invite Biden to the White House to symbolize his acceptance of a peaceful transfer of power. That’s exactly what happened a mere two days after Trump unexpectedly grabbed more Electoral College votes in 2016 than Hillary Clinton, when President Obama graciously invited Trump to the White House.


But this year is vastly different. This year’s election took place on November 3, and today is some six weeks after the election; Trump still has not conceded, despite overwhelming evidence that he lost, and even Mitch McConnell said very publicly “The Electoral College has spoken” and then Trump tweeted that Mitch is nothing less than persona non grata.


Today, Politico’s Theodoric Meyer and Daniel Lippman observed, with some pithy assistance from John Podesta (President Clinton’s Chief of Staff), that because of Trump’s obvious indifference to all norms of traditional communication, it doesn’t really serve any purpose for Biden even to try to meet with Trump before January 20 — even as Trump seems to have set his hopes on some sort of thrilling (to him only) event on January 6, when Mike Pence will inform a Joint Session of Congress of what the Electoral College did only days ago (https://www.politico.com/news/2020/12/21/biden-trump-white-house-meeting-449671).


As always, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, who is with Trump 24/7, was on duty so that she could concisely appraise the situation from the point of view of the Democratic Party.


“Any day now,” she began, “Trump and Melania will being going far, far south, quite possibly never to return to the District of Columbia.”


“Which will give President-elect Biden the ability to do what Trump should have allowed him to do at least five weeks ago; and it’s all because Trump cowardly thinks that if he were to meet with Biden, that would be an admission of weakness.”


“And all that proves is that the man is pitifully weak, and that Joe Biden is a true, blue Christian gentleman.”


As a matter of speculation, Jones wondered if Trump might prefer, instead of going to Mar-a-Lago, to make a quick trip to either Jupiter or Saturn, in view of the unusual conjunction that just occurred, but she also realizes that Trump is only focused on himself, as usual.


“His whole shtick,” she continued, “is exploiting the politics of grievance, and he’s very good at that.”