Axios' Jonathan Swan Sings Trump's Swan Song

Yesterday evening, on Judy Woodruff’s PBS NewsHour, longtime commentator Mark Shields, 83, a Happy Warrior in the Hubert Humphrey tradition, was celebrated, as he leaves his regular Friday evening conversation with Woodruff and New York Times columnist David Brooks.
Shields began as a political commentator in 1988 on the MacNeill Lehrer News Hour. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of politics, and an unfailing sense of humor, filled with anecdotes and aphorisms.
The NewsHour was followed by Robert Costa’s Washington Week in Review, starring ABC’s White House Correspondent, Rachel Scott, NPR’s Susan Davis, and Jonathan Swan of Axios.
Topics discussed by Costa and the panelists were Trump’s continued obsession with his desperate and futile attempts to keep the job that he hasn’t been doing, especially on Covid-19 issues and the blistering and evidently highly successful Russian attack on federal government agencies and numerous private businesses (see our account yesterday at
Swan said that Trump has essentially not paid attention either to Covid or to the cyber attack, and, as associate solitary reporer Winona Bennett, an expert choir conductor watched, Swan, in a perfect baritone, sang Trump’s Swan song a cappella but was soon joined by Bennett, as together they celebrated the end of Trump, though they both know that Trumpism will thrust itself into President Biden’s Presidency at the earliest opportunity.