In Which Associate Solitary Reporter Melissa Smith Throws Hundreds of Rotten Georgia Peaches at Trump, Loeffler, and Purdue

Sometimes (but only rarely) we here at AP are tempted to feel sorry for Georgia Republicans, because Donald Trump is now the Wedger-in-Chief in the Peachtree State, as he insinuates himself into the critical runoff on January 5 to decide the composition of the upcoming Senate and, while he’s at it, continues to press his hopeless case of forcing those who cross him out of the political picture completely.


Yesterday, Trump once again buffooned himself at one of his trademark rallies in Valdosta, in red-hot south Georgia, near the border with Florida (


Trump won’t give up because he perfectly fits the definition of Sore Loser, and he constantly lashes out at governor Brian Kemp (who, while Secretary of State, found it easy to use the power of his office to defeat his Democratic opponent, Stacey Abrams, in 2018; Trump is likely to primary Kemp in 2022 for failing the Trump Loyalty test this year);


This morning on NPR, former Georgia Congressman and U S Senator Saxby Chambliss bemoaned Trump’s constant prevarication and perseveration about his obvious loss to Joe Biden in the Peachtree State by some 12,000 votes, saying he actually won.


And Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger is being told by Georgia’s two Republican senators to resign for his failure to invalidate Biden’s victory.


All this is why our Chief Congressional Correspondent, associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith, at first silently infiltrated herself into the rally, but soon, she quietly, and with great compassion for her fellow human beings, organized the best form of non-violent protest, by scooping up hundreds of rotten Georgia peaches and throwing them at Trump and senators Kelly Loeffler and David Pudue.