In Which The Times' Bruno Macaes Explains Trump's Constant Mojo

Our Bully-in-Chief, who captured the Republican Party in 2016, is holding Mitch McConnell and his Conference as his very own prisoner, ‘cause he won’t admit that he’s a Loser (
With the Big Win of Joe Biden on November 3, as the Times noted, “Trump’s Show Has Been Cancelled” (
Every day, the person who sits in the Oval Office receives a top-secret Intelligence Briefing called the Daily Brief.
And when a presidential election is held, and the incumbent loses, there is a Transition.
Within two days of the presidential election in 2016, Donald Trump went to the White House where he had a conversation with President Obama, who told him that there was a big big problem with North Korea, namely, that Kim Jongun’s development of nukes had made great progress, and that the most serious foreign policy issue that The Donald would have to deal with, would be North Korea.
This year, the situation has been far different, because Trump refuses to face Reality, that is, that Joe Biden is our President-Elect.
At least three GOP Senators — (James Lankford of Oklahoma, Marco Rubio of Florida, and, believe it or not, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina (one of Trump’s staunchest allies) — say that Biden must receive those same top-secret intel assessments as Trump does (which Trump probably ignores).
And it’s Lindsey Graham who’s urged Trump to keep fighting his silly legal fight about ballot counting.
Thank God for the Times, which today, in a fine piece by Bruno Macaes, wrote that “Even in the midst of a pandemic, [Trump] set out to eliminate the drab and pain of everyday life from politics” ("How Trump Almost Broke the Bounds of Reality,”
Macaes shows us how Trump, always the showman, has seemingly anaesthetized us into treating the serious business of politics as Trumpian entertainment.
So we talked with DNC Chair Tom Perez and asked him whether he intends to keep his most important mole, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, in the Biden White House.
But Perez wouldn’t give us an answer, because he's far too busy helping Biden and Chief-of-Staff Ron Klain figure out whether (among other things) Bernie will be Joe’s choice for Secretary of Labor.
Because your solitary reporter was a Labor Department attorney for twelve years, we here at AP are very curious whether McConnell would allow that to happen, ‘cause Senator No, the senior senator from the Bluegrass State, is hell-bent on denying President Biden much of anything.