Trump's Future Fully Foretold by Baker and Haberman

In another day or two, it’ll all be over: Joe Biden will reach and then exceed 270 Electoral College votes.


Rick Santorum, longtime Republican politician, former Pennsylvania Senator, and frequent CNN Contributor, who has frequently defended Donald Trump, won’t do that anymore.


Yesterday, Santorum, a hard-right conservative, condemned Trump’s worse than outrageous claims that Democrats are doing their utmost to steal the election:


The day before, the Times’ Peter Baker, the author of four books on the presidency, and Maggie Haberman — two of the best political reporters in the nation — penned a prophetic opinion piece about Trump’s imminent exile from elective office: "Win or Lose, Trump Will Remain a Powerful and Disruptive Force” (


As Baker and Haberman concisely tell us, this year our Liar- and Disrupter-in-Chief received five million more votes than he did four years ago, but that’s little comfort for His Odiousness.


In Trump’s lexicon, losing is the worst. It’s part of his pathology, as we have said for many years now.


After January 20 — if he leaves the White House voluntarily — he’s more than likely to launch Trump TV in direct competition with Fox nonNews. That way, he’ll continue to lash out at all the many people he hates, and he’ll use the profits from his newest business to continue holding rallies for his adoring fans, with no masks and no social distancing.


Soon, he’ll fire Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray for failing to support him two hundred percent. And countless other heads will roll inside the White House.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones will, of course, be right there chronicling all of this for us and for DNC Chair Tom Perez.