Susan Collins, the only Republican senator Who Did Not Endorse Trump, Withdraws In Favor of Sara Gideon, the Democratic Nominee

Our Chief New Hampshire-based associate solitary reporter, Dan McGuiness, is familiar with most things Maine, as he lives only a short distance from the Maine-Granite State border.


Which is why we sent him early this morning to Bangor, Maine, where Collins lives in the Pine Tree State, where he was the only reporter present when its senior senator, Susan Collins, announced that in view of Joe Biden’s win over her party’s nominee, she has conceded the race to Sara Gideon, the Democratic nominee.


Of all the Republican senators, Collins was the only one who did not endorse Trump. Which is probably why she got more votes than Gideon, the Democratic Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives.


Which means that with the defeat of Colorado’s junior senator, Republican Cory Gardner, by Democrat John Hickenlooper, there is a possibility that Chuck Schumer will become Senate Majority Leader.


It’s all up to Georgia, where there are two runoffs in early January.


Best thing about the Georgia Senate race is that Trump’s Chief Attack Dog, Congressman Doug Collins, didn’t make it to the runoff.


Earlier today, your solitary reporter sent out this morning’s post, but he also sent out the wrong text by using our the October 2015 template which we use, with today’s headline. It was caught by alert reader and associate solitary reporter Kathy Charlesworth, who is one of Denver’s best artists and one of the Mile HIgh City’s best yoga teachers.


We are not blaming this on the Republicans. Unlike Donald Trump, who blames everything he doesn’t like on somebody else.


Take note that only a few Republican pols are standing by him in his continuing mendacity about voting