Trump Orders Complete Shutdown of The New York Times

Donald Trump’s extreme takeover of the Republican Party has been diligently noted by poliitical observers ever since his characteristically grandiose announcement in June 2015 that he was (gasp!) seeking the highest office in the land.


Beginning well before January 20, 2017, he has systematically purged the Republican Party of anyone who disagrees with him on even minor details.


Today, one his favorite targets, the venerable New York Times, published an editorial, "R.I.P., G.O.P,.” proclaiming the imminent death of the Republican Party:


As AP fans are already well aware, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones is a mole placed in the White House to be with Trump 24/7. She reports directly to us and to DNC Chair Tom. Perez.


Jones was with Trump and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows when the former Tea Party Congressman from North Carolina told his boss about the Times’ announcement that the Republican Party is dead.


It didn’t take Trump long to decide what to do.


“Mark, call Putin and tell him to send his most malicious thugs to the Times Building on Eighth Avenue with a full supply of bulldozers.”


“Tell him to position the bulldozers outside at three o’clock in the morning, at which time my Defense Secretary, Mark Esper, will have the building surrounded by no fewer than one hundred tanks.”


"That will take care of the problem.”


“Everyone who works in the building is to be taken into custody and sent to Gitmo.”


Without objecting, Meadows made the call.


Look to Fox News to report on how well Trump’s order is followed.