What Happened On the Same Day That William Barr Sued Google

Most of the time these here days, Donald Trump’s personal attorney and attorney general, William Barr, has very little to do.


But knowing full well that it’s up to him to make news to distract voters, especially Latinx and Black voters, while his bossman is wasting precious fuel as he  galavants around this country to keep the job that he never should have had in the first place, Barr decided it was time to do something to change the subject away from Trump’s multiple failures dealing with COVID-19.


So he told Jeffrey Rosen, his most junior staff attorney, to file suit against Google, just for the hell of it (https://www.npr.org/2020/10/20/925736276/google-abuses-its-monopoly-power-over-search-justice-department-says-in-lawsuit).


Then Pichal Sundarajan, rarely known as Pichal Suchai, Google’s CEO and a Man of Color, told his few remaining employees that because Barr wants something done, he better do it.


That’s why just before closing time, associate solitary reporter Karen Greenwood, who keeps track of everything that ever ever gets googled, observed Sundarajan/Suchai, hat in hand, and bowing and scraping, walking into the U S District for the Southern District of Euphoria, with Barr, as they filed a Settlement Agrreement in which Sundarajan/Suchai agreed to order all his Google employees to vote for Mike Pence to keep his job, for the time being at least.


Barr emerged from the courthouse with a tepid smile on his face, but told Greenwood that he’s really, really worried about keeping his job.