Come December, Trump Will Rehire Mark Burnett and Launch a Far-Right TV Talk Show

Your solitary reporter and his ever-increasing corps of associate solitary reporters always start their day with a strong cup of coffee (especially these days) and by reading The New York Times.


Which is how we came across this revealing opinion column, "The Real Donald Trump Is a Character on TV,” by James Poniewozik, the author of Audience of One: Donald Trump, Television and the Fracturing of America. The subtitle of his opinion piece is “Understand that, and you’ll understand what he’s doing in the White House” (


Trump doesn’t organize anything, as he thrives on chaos, but Poniewozik is a well-organized writer. 


Mark Burnett is the mega-TV producer who gave the world The Apprentice, starring the One and Odious Donald Trump.


Poniewozik’s column is replete with bon mots such as “The unity of the team gives way to disunity, which in the Trumpian worldview is the most productive state of being” and “…as he advances toward his re-election campaign, with an eye not on the Nielsen ratings but on the poll[s]: The only solution for any given problem [is] a Trumpier Trump.”


So we asked longtime DC-based Democratic operative Keith Coleman to interview Poniewozik to ask him what Trump will do after he loses the election sometime in November or December.


“That’s easy, Keith. Trump’s not going to leave the country, as he’s already threatened to do — if he tried to do that, nobody would let him in.”


“He’ll just rehire Burnett to set him up with a daily TV talk show called 'How Biden and Bernie and the Far-Left Socialists and Commies Stole Our Great Nation.' "


When Coleman told Rush Limbaugh about the Burnett-Trump post-election plan, Limbaugh groaned in agony, knowing that as soon as “Why Biden and Bernie and the Far-Left Socialists and Commies Stole Our Great Nation” rolls out, he’ll immediately lose his weekly audience of 15.5 million.