Grassley Outdoes Himself At Barrett Hearing; Barr Is Asked If He Does Melania's Laundry


Donald Trump's Attorney General seems to us here at AP to function more as Trump’s personal lawyer than as the (supposedly) chief law enforcement officer of these here United States.


When Richard Nixon got himself elected president, he campaigned in 1968 by saying, among many other things, that when he took office, there would be “A New Attorney General,” which turned out to be John Mitchell, who was best known in them there days as the husband of the always too loquacious Martha Mitchell.


John Mitchell went to prison as part of Watergate. Nixon never did, ‘cause Gerald Ford pardoned him, possibly without Nixon asking him.


But now, Trump’s personal lawyer/Attorney General, the infamous William Barr, has filed suit against Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, the woman who was a confidante of Melania, but who then wrote a tell-all book, Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady.


Winston Wolkoff had signed a DNA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), in which she supposedly said she would not write or publish or say anything about her time with Melania. That’s what Barr wants to harass Winston Wolkoff for (


So our Chief Investigative Reporter, associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman, asked Barr today whether he is also personally doing Melania’s laundry. But Barr’s comments cannot be printed in this family-friendly apocryphal newspaper.


Turning to today’s SuperRushed SCOTUS confirmation hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, what struck us here at AP most forcefully was a statement made early in today’s hearing in which 87-year old Iowa GOP senator Chuck Grassley made a pointless comment about his interest in the False Claims Act.


What immediately struck our DC-based associate solitary reporter, Keith Coleman, was how stupid Grassley appeared, given that Donald Trump makes false claims numerous times a day, yet Grassley was totally oblivious of that and told Coleman that Trump has never ever made any false claims about anything.



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