November 3 is the Only Real Topic Being Discussed in the Barrett SCOTUS Heaing

As usual, we here at AP listen to NPR. Is there any better source in Radioland for learning what’s going on?


We don’t watch Fox News. Fox News is not news. It’s propaganda for the Right.


Today, NPR is doing gavel to gavel coverage of the confirmation hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, an articulate woman tapped by Donald Trump as part of his 2016 pledge to conservative and evangelical voters (they’re often, though not always, the same), that he would only nominate persons to our Supreme Court who will overrule Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973).


Roe is well-settled law — and thus, according to Barrett’s opening statement this morning, “super-precedent.” 


That’s why the political theatre taking place today in the Senate Judiciary Committee is much more about the presidential election just around the corner, than it is about Amy Coney Barrett.


Trump’s close political friend and Judiciary Committee Chairman, Lindsey Graham, did an effective job this morning in inoculating Barrett against what he well knows would be a series of attacks at the nominee by Senate Democrats.


Graham’s no slouch intellectually, and he’s about to lose his seat on November 3 to African American Democrat Jaime Harrison, who’s raised a staggering amount of money to defeat Graham. Both hail from the State that started the Civil War.


Millions of voters have already submitted their ballots, but to any voters who might (implausibly) be uncertain whether to vote for Trump or for Joe Biden, all they need to do to decide on their preferred candidate, is to watch the political theatre taking place before Chairman Graham.