The Times' Maureen Dowd Tells Us Everything We Need to Know About Trump's Failing Campaign; Plus, the Significance of October 10 in China

Among conscientious readers of The New York Times, there is no more entertaining, as well as thoughtful, columnist, than Maureen Dowd.  She pulls no punches.


Today, Down enlightened us with this: 


"Manic Panic on the Potomac,” Her subtitle: “Will Mitch Ditch the Donald?”


So here we go:


“At long last, a top Republican is distancing himself from Donald Trump.




“Mitch McConnell has been boasting to colleagues and reporters in Kentucky that he knew better than to go to the Amy Coney Barrett super-spreader event in the Rose Garden or set foot on that 18 acres of magical thinking known as the White House because he could see that [Trump] and his team were courting danger.”


And remember, it’s Mitch who, all by his lonesome (sort of) who engineered the SCOTUS nomination of hyper-conservative Judge Barrett who, though personally and socially attractive, is hellbent on expanding gun rights, overruling Roe v. Wade, and, in every other respect on hot-button issues, following in the mold of her mentor, Justice Antonin Scalia, for whom she clerked.


Not only that, Big Mike Pompeo, former CIA Director, has had lots of time to declassify and release as many of Hillary Clinton’s emails (her bigtime baggage four years ago), so why is Trump’s Secretary of State releasing them now?


That’s an easy one: because Trump is way, way behind in the polls (


Oh, before we let you go: today, October 10, is a special day in China, because it was on “Double Ten” that China’s 1911 Revolution (辛亥革命) began. The Manchu Dynasty was overthrown.


Of course, Donald Trump knows nothing about Chinese History, except that he’s been having a terrible time dealing with Xi Jinping, who has bested him at every turn.