It's Not Just Trump's Body That Needs Help, It's His Body Man, As Well; Listen to Pope Francis

Politicians often have a “body man” to provide for their basic needs.


Donald Trump’s needs are always basic, especially now that he’s being treated for The Virus at Walter Reed. 


He’s abused his overweight body so much that his physical, as well as emotional, needs require additional propping up. To say nothing of his spiritual needs.


He’s not the only one needing treatment. Three Republican senators tested positive (Ted Cruz went through all that earlier this year), and that poses a logisitcal problem for Mitch “Judicial Pushback” McConnell in trying to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett, his pick to succeed RBG.


But now we know that Trump’s body man/personal assistant, Nicholas Luna, also tested positive (, all of which illustrates very clearly the serious hazards of failing to wear face masks and the need to engage in physical distancing when one is near the man who constantly claimed that everything about COVID-19 was a hoax. As has been well established these past four years, TrumpWorld inhabitants live in an alternate reality (


All this is why it is in everyone’s best intereset to consider Pope Francis recent critique of capitalism as inadequate to deal with the enormous suffering associated with the Covid pandemic ( 


Pope Francis has repeatedly said that Trump is not a true Christian because he has actively separated children from their families at our southern border.


Associate solitary reporter Tim Kenwood, an expert on Catholic liberation theology, is a pragmatist and a realist, so he let Trump’s operatives know that their best course will be to cease their negative ads against Joe Biden. “After all, when Trump took ill,” Kenwood said, “Biden immediately stopped his negative ads against Trump, but the desperate Trump campaign is still going low against Joe. The Trumpians need to make their hearts great again."