New Title for Trump: Brawler-in-Chief

Trailing very badly in the polls, Donald Trump grossly exceeded his own malignant tendencies this evening in the first presidential debate.


Given his never-ending interruptions of both Joe Biden and Moderater Chris Wallace, his desperate attempt to climb out of the gutter of his own creation, we now call him our Brawler-in-Chief.


But as Trump walked off the stage, with Melania at his side, he was bawling that he had not been given a chance to rush over and knock Biden down.


No doubt the polls will now show him falling even further behind.


Even associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was flabbergasted as she noticed that the pilots on Air Force One refused to fly Trump back to Washington.


Instead, they told him to go to Cleveland’s famed Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and listen to Bob Dylan's iconic Masters of War.


Fox News CEO Lachlan Murdoch gave Wallace a medal for enduring Trump’s endless rants and gave him a five week vacation.