Scientific American Magazine Endorses Biden, Slams Trump

What does Donald Trump believe in?


Does he believe in anything other than his own presumptuous invincibility?


We know, beyond any reasonable doubt, that he does not believe in science.


He also has never heard of the Latin language, and it is certain that the only person in Latin America that he likes is Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro.


So now we are getting closer and closer: he does not know that scientia, in Latin, means knowledge.


His knowledge is very, very limited. Doesn’t go very far, in fact, beyond his gonads.


In its one hundred forty-five year history, Scientific American has never, ever, endorsed a candidate for president, until yesterday. Scientific American is the oldest continuously published magazine in these here United States (


The decision was made by the mag’s Editor-in-Chief, Laura Helmuth. 


“Unlike Trump, Joe Biden believes in science, and when he becomes our President, he’ll follow science when dealing with climate change and COVID-19,” she explained to a large crowd on the Washington Mall, all wearing masks covering both their mouths and their noses and properly socially distanced, in sharp contrast to Trump’s photo-op yesterday on the South Lawn of the White House with Benjamin Netanyahu cheering him on.


“We came close to denouncing Trump in September 2016, when we attacked him for his anti-science attitudes and rhetoric.”


“But when he says, about climate change, and only to appeal to his ignorant and proud of it base, that he dismisses science, that crosses a line.”


Standing right next to Trump at Mar-a-Lago was his Health and Human Services Secretary, former Big Pharma lobbyist Alex Azar.


And next to Azar was associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones. 


“I serve Mr. Trump blindly,” Azar said, making sure that the TV crews could hear his every word. “When he says that there is no such thing as science, I know deep in my heart that he’s Right."