See How Noxious Gas on Venus Applies to Trump

Astrophysicists keep coming up with fascinating new discoveries.


This time their surprise discovery is that there is a gas on Venus that is similar to gases found on Earth (


That gas is phosphine, which, as CNN’s Ashley Strickland tells us, suggests the presence of life.


Strickland says “On Earth, phosphine is a flammbable, foul, toxic gas produced by bacteria that doesn’t require oxygen — like those in swamps, wetlands, sludge or even animal guts. Its odor has been likened to decaying fish or garlic. It can also occur when organic matter breaks down.”


Her words seem to us here at AP to be straightforward, easily understandable technical writing. Yet, when viewed from our standard anti-Trump lens, they take on added significance.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones quickly pointed out to us that Donald Trump is flammable, foul, and toxic; and the venom he spreads pervades his Swamp. Not only that, his time in the White House is rapidly decaying.


When his Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, told him about Jones’ comments, Trump exploded into sheer incandescence. Meadows urged him to cut short his photo-op trip to California, telling him that since he himself is all aflame, as soon as he gets within the length of a football field to trees, he will start even more wildfires — especially in House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s 23rd District,  which includes the Tehachapi Mountains.