What Does Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Really Care About? Is It How to Help Americans Financially During this Pandemic?

The Trump Campaign is desperate.


So is Senator Majority Leader Addison Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky.


McConnell — who’s up for re-election in November — refuses to do what’s right for average Americans by acceding to sensible legislation passed in the House months ago to address the financial devastation caused by The Coronavirus Problem — the problem that Donald Trump thinks will go away quick quick; see what Bob Woodward’s brand new book, Rage, says about Trump’s total duplicity about The Virus.


Rage Against the Machine, the rock band that expresses revolutionary themes? Or Dies Irae?


McConnell desperately wants to continue his strangehold on the Senate, but he’s in real and present danger of losing it because of the man whom he meets with regularly in the Oval Office (https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/10/politics/mitch-mcconnell-senate-majority/index.html).


McConnell is trying to save the butt of Colorado’s junior senator, Cory Gardner. His opponent is former Denver Mayor and former Centennial State Governor John Hickenlooper, a moderate Democrat.


Gardner talked to a few Republican senators and a few Democratic Senators and he persuaded the Senate to pass legislation about the outdoors, and Trump, who cares not a whit about the outdoors, signed the thing, as urged by McConnell; but Gardner is more than likely in agreement with Trump that as far as the outdoors in Caliornia is concerned, it’s a Blue State and therefore let it burn up in smoke because of climate change and a drought.


But Republicans are headed to a really big drought with the voters this fall — that is, if enough Democrats vote this presidential election cycle.


And if enough unfilliated/independent voters choose Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.


And if voters vote by mail.


And if more than a few Republicans vote against the man who took over their party. Congressional Republicans are afraid to cross him lest he have them primaried; and anybody who disagrees with him is someone he lashes out at.


So we consulted with our Chief Congressional Correspodent, associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith, and associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman, an expert Democratic operative of long standing.


Both Smith and Coleman said that if Hickenlooper can overcome the baggage of his own making in the Centennial State, Gardner’s done.


Smith also said that Arizona’s junior senator, Republican Martha McSally, will definitely, as in really definitely, lose to astronaut Mark Kelly, a Democrat.


Kelly’s campaign manager is a Democratic strategist of world-wide renown, Jim Moriarty.


Kelly is married to former Tucson Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who almost died in January 2011 from gunshot wounds in an assassination attempt as she was meeting with constituents in a grocery store. The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre is determired to keep guns in the hands of every American.


LaPIerre is a close personal friend of Donald Trump.