Woodward Catches Yet Another One

Donald Trump takes peculiar pleasure in throwing people off guard.


Yes, the one who said he could effectively guard our nation, only he sure can’t.


Having denied in February that COVID-19 was nothin’ to worry about, it turns out that he knew full well that that was a lie (https://www.politico.com/news/2020/09/09/trump-coronavirus-deadly-downplayed-risk-410796).


We can always trust Bob Woodward to get the scoop, and he’s done it again, with Rage, the sequel to his Fear. Rage will appear soon and will immediately jump to the Top of the Charts, leading inevitably to Trump’s Downfall.


When he resigns in disgrace, as Nixon did, he won’t wave the victory sign as he boards the helicopter taking him to Joint Base Andrews and then to Mar-a-Lago; rather, he’ll wear a scowl, ‘cause he’ll be in handcuffs, and Melania will finally be Free.


We here at AP have never understood Trump’s hubris; It’s as though he’s Leonardo de Caprio in Catch Me If You Can (2002), a true life crime drama, playing notorious con man Frank Abnagale, who always eludes the detectives searching for him.


Why would Trump grant Woodward — who, with Carl Bernstein, has already brought down one Oval Office occupant — no fewer than eighteen on the record interviews?


In those interviews, Trump told Woodward that he knew all along, way back in February, that COVID-19 was really, really dangerous, even though he told us then it was nothin’ to worry about.


Johanna Jones, Our One and Only associate solitary reporter who spends more time with Trump than anybody, has the answer.


“SR,” she said, “the guy has an unavoidable tendency to self-destruct."