North Carolina Surpasses New Hampshire as the First in the Nation State

Just as we thought that Donald Trump was close to going totally off the rails, he did.


He wants voters (especially Republicans, if there are any left in North Carolina other than endangered incumbent Republican senator Thom Tillils) to vote by mail and then go to the polls.


That’s illegal — but in TrumpWorld, that makes absolutely no difference, not at all.


North Caroline, the Tarheel State, is the first State to mail out ballots this year.


We here at AP have often raised a huge ruckus about New Hampshire being the First in the Nation Presidential Primary — a small state with hugely outsize influence in picking presidents.


Anyway, this year, amid the global pandemic that Trumpites say is a hoax, more than 618,000 North Carolinians have requested mail ballots so they won’t expose themselves to the Covid by going to the polls in person (


So officials in Michigan and North Carolina are warning voters that it’s a felony to vote twice (


Associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman, a veteran Democratic operative who reports to us and to DNC Chair Tom Perez on a daily basis, predicts that North Carolina, where Joe Biden is leading in the polls, will go for Biden by at least 55%. The last time the Tarheel State voted Democratic in a presidential election year was 2008.


And just to top things off, the New Yorker’s Andy Borowitz, one of our greatest pundit/comedians, posted a photo of Trump getting on his Air Force One with a caption saying millions urge Trump to stay away from the United States.


So are we all having fun?