As Usual, Trump Says All the Wrong Things About Portland, Oregon, and About Kenosha

Our Menacer-in-Chief, aka our Bully-in-Chief, has called Ted Wheeler, the Democratic Mayor of Portland, Oregon, a “wacko,” and his Homeland Security Top Guy, Chad Wolf, is threatening to bring in Los Federales to protect a federal courthouse there.


Seething protests against police brutality directed against Blacks have been going on in Portland for months now.


During recent demonstations, a protester there was killed.


And in Kenosha, a 17 year old shot and killed two people, and he severely injured a third. The 17 year old has no training in law enforcement, he was just a troublemaker from nearly Illinois, who idolizes Donald Trump.


Trump is planning to go to Kenosha tomorrow, even though its Democratic Mayor, Armenian-American John Martin Antaramian, doesn’t want him to be there, and the Badger State's Democratic Governor, Tony Evers (the one who beat former presidential candidate Scott Walker) has expressly asked him not to come.


Governor Evers specifically told Trump that Kenosha needs to heal.


That’s because Trump doesn’t know the first thing about healing. How could he? Unlike Uncle Joe, he has no empathy at all. He’s inflicted wounds on these here United States that may be unhealable.


When and if he actually does go to Kenosha to praise the police, and to shun the Black Lives Matter protesters, and to hold a fund-raiser with former GOP governor Scott Walker (who ran against him in 2016 and who spends most of his time, when he's not fighting unions, riding his motorcycle) we will be sure to have two excellent associate solitary reporters, both Wisconsin-based, to cover it.