When California Secedes, Trump Will Insist that the Congressional Districts of Nunes and McCarthy Be Carved Out Like Bibi's Unlawful Settlements; Bannon in the

Donald Trump — by far the most intemperate and irrascible man ever to sit in the Peoples’ White House — is more than extremely frustrated because the Democrats, who are quite skilled in internet technology, just concluded a very successful virtual Convention, in which they showed their diversity in ways too numerous to describe.
Republicans don’t get diversity. 
Always eager to disrupt everything, and constantly spreading falsehoods, he's now gone after California, blaming Governor Gavin Newsom, a sensible Democrat, for forest fires caused by lightning and drought (https://www.politico.com/states/california/story/2020/08/20/trump-blames-california-for-wildfires-tells-state-you-gotta-clean-your-floors-1311059).
In eastern Pennsylvania yesterday, he threatened to withhold federal funds from California. As usual, associate soslitary reporter Johanna Jones was with him as he made those threats. A crappy entertainer in days gone by, he doesn’t understand why California is a Blue State and why he got himself shellacked (President Obama’s word, in 2011) in the mid-terms.
California is represented by no less than 53 Members of the U S House of Representatives — except that the Golden State’s 50th Congressional District, which includes much of San Diego County, isn’t represented by anybody, because longtime GOP Congressman Duncan Hunter resigned after being convicted of campaign finance law violations.
Our Liar-in-Chief loves conspiracy theories, which is why he openly supports Republican candidates who embrace Q-Anon, a far-right internet platform that claims that there is a so-called Deep State which is conspiring against Trump and his followers. The vitriol that Q-Anon spews forth is beyond ridiculous, and the underground platform is growing, partly because Trump tweets and retweets their b_____t.
The FBI is closely looking into Q-Anon because of its tendency to espouse violence against those who disagree with it (https://news.yahoo.com/fbi-documents-conspiracy-theories-terrorism-160000507.html).
In Georgia’s heavily Republican 14th Congressional District, Marjorie Taylor Greene is an avid supporter of QAnon. And Trump has endorsed her.
In Colorado’s sprawling 3rd Congressional District, 30 something Republican Lauren Boebert ousted Trump supporter Scott Tipton on June 30. Boebert owns Shooter’s Grill in Rifle, where she’s defied state mandates requiring physical distancing, and where her staff are encouraged to display their guns. Boebert has expressed favorable views about QAnon, but she’ll be defeated on November 3 by Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush.
The man who eschews science more than any other recent man who's occupied the Oval Office thinks he knows everything there is to know about forest fires. But how that could he? He’s from Queens and Manhattan, he’s morbidly obese, as well as notably ill-tempered, which means he’s probably never been to Manhattan’s Central Park unless he was intent on putting a useless casino there. Instead, he swaggers himself around any number of his exclusive, private golf clubs.
For reasons we have yet fully to understand, he seems to want to keep the job for which he is chonically unsuited. He’s never grown up, and, as President Obama said on Wednesday, he’s never grown in the job, "because he can’t."
He doesn’t seem to realize that in California, there are 20 national forests, nine national parks, 32 military bases, and 105 areas managed by the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management.
In sum, 45.8% of the land in California is federal land.
So we asked our California-based associate solitary reporter, Susanna Sherman, to visit Gov. Newsom at his office in Sacramento to ask him for his response to Trump’s latest tirade.
“Susanna,” Newsom began, “many of our most enlightened citizens have wanted to secede from the US for many years, and it’s all I can do to persuade them not to agitate for that.”
When Sherman told Jones by text about her conversation with Newsom, Jones immediately told her that when and if that happens, Trump will insist that the Congressional Districts held by his most loyal adherents, Devin Nunes (deposed Chair of the House Intelligence Committee) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy must, under no circumstances, be allowed to leave California.
That means that when California does secede, there will have to be a patchwork of Congressional Districts within California which are not California, similar to Israel’s Binjamin Netanyahu’s illegal settlements in land in the Occupied Territories which the United Nations long ago said should be given to the Palestinians.
And Son-in-Law-in-Chief Jared Kushner, Netanyahu’s close personal friend, hasn’t done anything to resolve the settlements issue in the Occupied Territories, according to associate solitary reporter Mustafa Ahmed, an expert in International Relations in the Middle East. Ahmed is Professor Emeritus of International Law at Harvard Law School.
That’s when ASR Jones told us that Trump has told his personal attorney/Attorney General, William Barr, to drop all charges against Steve Bannon, a big player in his 2016 campaign and a one-time far-right adviser to Trump in 2017. 
Bannon was arrested by federal law enforcement officials yesterday aboard a luxury yacht off the coast of Connecticut, accused of “charity” fraud, after he and three other men started a fake foundation for people who wanted to help Trump pay for his Wall — the one he said he would make Mexico pay for (and we all know what happened with that). Much of the funds collected went to support Bannon's lavish lifestyle.
Jones tells us that Trump really wants to re-hire Bannon, maybe to command the California Air National Guard in fighting fires in the Golden State.