Trump Denounces Nineteenth Amendment

Shortly after tweeting last night that former First Lady Michelle Obama (the most beautiful woman in America) “had her [COVID-19] deaths wrong” in her taped 18-minute speech to the Democratic National Convention, Donald Trump walked outside the Peoples’ White House, without a mask of course, but with associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones at his side.


“Sir,” Jones began, "today marks the One Hundredth Anniversary of the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment. Do you have any comments? And have you spoken with Mrs. Trump about this?"


But Trump was preoccupied with finding somebody’s Bible so he could hold it up for a photo-op directly in front of the White House.


“What’s that you said, Johanna, about Nineteenth Something? What’s that all about?”


“Sir, the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution gave women the right to vote.”


“I don’t pay any attention to the Constitution, it has no relevance to me and my Rule. But I have no patience for women being able to vote. If you give them the right to vote, then they can run for president, and that’s a terriblel idea. They all look just like Carly Fiorina, and who would wamt somebody looking like that to be the Leader of the Free World?"


As usual, Jones went straight to DNC headquarters to confer with DNC Chair Tom Perez.


Look for a DNC video soon showing Trump’s exchange with Jones.