With Biden Nearby, Telegenic Kamala Harris Electrifies the Electorate

Earlier today, in Wilmington, not far from Future President Joe Biden’s home, Future Vice President Kamala Harris hit a significant number of Grand Slams.


With a small number of reporters physically present, wearing masks (of course) and physically distanced (of course) but with no authentic crowd noise to urge them on, Biden and Harris electrified The Electorate.


Associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman was there, having teleported himself from his home in the Nation’s Capital to the A.I. duPont High School.


The positive chemistry between Harris and Biden was palpable.


Coleman told us by text that the most memorable line of Harris’ vibrant speech was when she said that "a Coalition of Conscience" has come forward in “a moment of real consequence for America” to defeat the man who called her nasty.


“Nasty is as Nasty does,” Coleman said, as he reflected on the most unusual rollout of a Vice Presidential candidate in American history.


Then, while PBS' Daniel Bush reported from outside the school, on the PBS NewsHour, an obese white man walked behind him carrying a Trump 2020 sign.


If that Trump supporter were to consider his own conscience, he might not vote for His Guy.