Trump Will Very Soon Get His Comeuppance On His Blatant Effort to Destroy Our Postal Service

It is a very substantial understatement to say that Donald Trump is determined to control everything in sight.


This is no more evident than when he put one of his megadonors in charge of the venerable United States Postal Service.


That’s Louis deJoy, a major fundraiser for Trump. His explicit instruction from Trump — which he is working on very effectively to fulfill — is to cut the Postal Service down so far that it will be nearly completely unable to carry out its job of making it possible, even convenient, for voters to vote by mail. He has massive conflicts of interest, including investments valued at $75 million in competitors to the USPS. 


The upshot of all this is that, as reported yesterday by Politico’s Christopher Cadelago and Zach Montellaro, the Trump campaign is shooting itself in the foot, because voters clearly do not want to go to polling places because of COVID-19; yet Trump’s constant promotion of pure lies about the asserted unreliability of voting by mail, has no substance at all (


So we made special arrangements for our Chief Postal Authority, associate solitary reporter Tim Gonzales, to replace DeJoy, effective tomorrow.


This news was immediately hailed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who assured Gonzales that the entire USPS operation will, once again, become a place where it is pleasant to work, and where the mail will henceforth be delivered on time.