Last Chance for Republican Senators to Show a Little Compassion by Extending Unemployment Benefits

There’s a reason why in Helena, the Capital of Montana, Last Chance Gulch is one of the most prominent streets — it all had to do with gold mining back in the day.


Donald Trump’s Montana GOP senator is Steve Daines, who is sure to lose his seat on November 3 to Governor Steve Bullock.


As one of Moscow Mitch’s acolytes, Daines, a pro-gun, anti-choice Republican, is in an excellent position to go against Mitch by voting with the Senate Democrats to continue desperately needed unemployment insurance benefits, which will expire today unless the Senate Republicans demonstrate some compassion:


All this is why our Chief Congressional Correspondent, associate soitary reporter Melissa Smith, spoke moments ago with Daines, who ruefully admitted that today represents the Senate Republicans’ Last Chance to prevent massive financial and emotional suffering on the part of the millions of Americans thrown out of work by the numerous Trumpian failures to deal with The Virus.


As soon as he concluded his friendly conversation with Smith, Daines took to the Senate floor and said, “Mitch, I’m done with you. If I don’t vote to keep that essential $600 a week in unemployment insurance flowing, all one million sixty-eight thousand of my beleagured constituents will demand to know why I didn’t have sense enough to give them one Last Chance."


Daines then walked over to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and changed his registration from Republican to Democratic. Schumer gave him a bear hug as McConnell vowed to get Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf to send Daines to an undisclosed location in Romania or Egypt.