Attack Dog Jim Jordan Is At It Again

During the House Judiciary Committee’s totally appropriate hearings on why Donald Trump should spend the rest of his life at Mar-a-Lago (or at any of his other very numerous and costly resorts or exclusive private golf courses), one of the most conspicuous attack dogs defending Trump was Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, who represents the Buckeye State’s 4th Congressional District.


It’s worth noting that Ohio CD4 is known as “The Duck District,” because of its bizarre shape — and maybe if computer genius Karl Rove, the Architect of GOP presidential politics, going back to 2000 — were to ‘fess up, he would say that CD 4 should be realigned.


Today, the House Judiciary Committee and, in particular, its Antitrust Subcommittee, held hearings on four internet monopolies: Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Amazon. It was a virtual hearing, but unvirtuous Jordan got the most media splash, because, as he  (joined by Wisconsin GOP Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, who has represented the Badger State’s reddest District since 1979) whined about how the media are only interested in drowning out so-called conservative voices.


Jordan is a former wrestling coach who never shows up on camera unless his jacket is off (so his constituents — including the students and faculty of Oberlin College — will realize that he’s working 24/7 to fulfill Trump’s agenda).


But his totally obnoxious, raspy voice was so loud and so intemperate that Speaker Nancy Pelosi could hear it all the way from the hearing room to her office in the Capitol.


Which is why she told associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith, who covers Congress for us, that Jordan is sure to be defeated on November 3 by Democratic candidate Shannon Freshour, who is sure to bring a badly needed fresh voice to the House.