The Real Reason Why Hillary Clinton Is Not Our President

As we here at AP continue, with considerable justification, to relitigate the 2016 election, along comes the Times’ Peter Beinart, who succinctly explains what happened to Hillary: her problem in running against Donald Trump was that she's not a man.


Which is why Joe Biden will be elected President ("The Real Reason Biden Is Ahead of Trump? He’s a Man,”


As Beinart says, referring to Biden’s third presidential campaign, and why he will win this time, “It’s a lot easier to run a cautious, inoffensive campaign when you’re not up against a culture of misogyny.”


Beinart continues by pointing out that in 2016, Hillary Rodham Clinton was deeply unpopular, but in 2020, Joe Biden does not suffer from unpopularity. After all, he’s commonly known as Uncle Joe.


Not only that, he may well choose Susan Rice as his Vice President. Rice, a Rhodes scholar, was President Obama’s Ambassador to the UN, an important position to which the Senate, in 2009, gave unanimous consent. She’s infinitely smarter than Sarah Palin, who cost John McCain the 2008 election.


Rice would make up for all of former Indiana conservative talk show host Mike Pence’s negatives. She’s an expert in International Relations, with a degree from Stanford to prove it. And she briefly considered taking on Maine’s GOP senator, Susan Collins, because Collins voted for Brett Kavanaugh for SCOTUS, giving Trump a big win that he surely didn’t deserve. Not only that, but Rice has also said she’d like to be the First Senator representing the 51st State, the District of Columbia, only she might want to change the name of the new State so it does not refer to Christopher Columbus.


Given Beinart’s strong shoutout to HRC, we asked associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman to interview Hillary in her spacious home in the District of Columbia, not far from where Michelle and Barack Obama live.


“Susanna,” she began, “having been Secretary of State, I think that Susan Rice would be a magnificent Vice President, and when President Biden leaves the White House after only one term, because of his age, then Susan is the logical choice to succeed him as President. Talk about breaking through the Glass Ceiling — she would be a two-fer!”


Then associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman jumped in. He said he has no problem with the fact that Rice has not been elected to public office. “It’s enough that she’s happily married to Ian Officer Cameron, a Canadian who is not a police officer, and they have two children. She’s African American, ambitious, she’s only 55, she’s my choice for VP, and I just spoke with DNC Chair Tom Perez, who agrees wholeheartedly, but he gave me strict instructions to embargo his endorsement.”


A spokeswoman for Biden said that the very first thing he’ll do after noon on January 20 will be to tell William Barr to get out of his office immediately, if not sooner, so he can nominate Kamala Harris to be his Attorney General.


Today, Barr was grilled by House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler and Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. She insisted on knowing whether the so-called Trump administration is fighting systemic racism in policing. Barr said there is no such thing: “I don’t agree there’s systemic racism in the police department, generally in this country” — which clearly shows Barr as a Total Ignoramus.


The Biden spokeswoman also said that Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, 35, will be Harris’ Deputy. Griswold is a Rising Star in the Democratic Party who briefly considered running against Trump’s close personal friend, Cory Gardner, for the U S Senate.